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Morrison Cremation Care Center

Meeting the Needs of Families that Choose Cremation


While traditional burial overwhelmingly continues to be the preferred method of disposition, there are options when it comes to memorializing a loved one.  To better serve the needs of Northwest Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee, Morrison Funeral Homes installed an onsite crematory in 2003.

The number of Shoals area families that have chosen cremation has increased over the last 18 years.  To meet the rising needs of families who choose cremation, we have constructed a brand new facility to better serve our community.  MORRISON CREMATION CARE CENTER is a facility completely dedicated to cremation.  It is located adjoining our Morrison Funeral Home Tuscumbia location.  With state-of-the-art equipment and an intimate area for family memorialization and participation, this new facility is designed to serve grieving families with cremation needs.

“Setting the Standards for Tomorrow… Holding to the Values of Yesterday” It is not just our slogan; it is our commitment to those we serve.

Traditional Funeral Service with Cremation

Traditional Funeral Service with Cremation

This option combines all of the benefits of a traditional funeral service with the contemporary disposition of cremation.

For those who desire cremation without sacrificing the benefits of a public visitation and funeral service,  this service beautifully blends those two concepts.  We can guide you through the service possibilities for your loved one, including services at any of our locations or local church. Personalize your loved one's service to honor them, through military honors, masonic rights, personal family remembrances or religious leadership. We offer memorials that truly speak to your loved one, through custom memorial videos and personalized stationary that reflects life well lived. Each grieving family has personal needs, and we want to help meet those needs in providing professional services with a personal touch.

Memorial Services

Memorial Services

Healing ceremonies that pay tribute to your loved one.

A beautiful memorial service can be held at any of our locations, or your place of religious worship. Family and friends are afford the opportunity to celebrate life, give and receive emotional support, share memories, and truly meet one another's needs.   This symbolic service is a beautiful step forward in the healing process, and can accompany many end of life options. 

A Place of Remembrance

A Place of Remembrance

Finding what is best for your family...

When deciding what to do with a loved one's cremated remains, there are many options.  Some chose burial, some chose entombment in a columbarium, some chose scattering, and others chose to prominently display an urn at their home.  And, in all of this, it is important to consider the value of having a place where love ones can gather to remember.  Knowing what to do and how to do it, can be overwhelming.  We are here to help, from providing information to offering unique ideas and guidance.  

Design a Cremation as Unique as The Life Lived

When choosing cremation, the options for a final resting place are limitless. Let us walk you through the possibilities as you choose the right service for your loved one.