Cash Advanced Items

Cash advanced items are services and options that are not provided by Morrison Funeral Homes directly. Payment for these various options is made directly to the business that provides the service rather than payment going to Morrison Funeral Homes.Below you'll see a list of the most common types of these items. You may also download this list here.

Obituary Information

Morrison Funeral Homes will gladly assist families with the obituary process.  Most publications charge a fee for this service.  The Times Daily is our local newspaper, and they offer two different options.  A death announcement is free of charge.  This announcement will have the deceased person’s name, age, city of residence, and any funeral arrangements.  The Times Daily charges for an obituary, which is a formal listing of the death of an individual, funeral details, biographical information, survivors, pallbearers, memorial designations, etc.  The cost of a paid obituary is $0.58 per word.  If a photograph is to be included, there is an additional charge of $30.  The obituary must be submitted by a funeral home.  Morrison Funeral Homes requires a family to proof read an obituary before it is submitted to the Times Daily.  

Grave Excavation

City owned and larger incorporated cemeteries usually have a set fee that is charged for grave excavation, and their personnel will perform the work.  Most rural cemeteries allow whomever the family chooses to open and close the grave.  In instances where the family is responsible but doesn’t have anyone to perform this task, Morrison Funeral Homes offers to arrange for these services with Miller Grave Services. A family will be given landscaping flags to mark the grave.  Miller Grave Services charges $425 for this service. Please make your check out to Robert Miller.

Death Certificates

The state of Alabama charges a fee for certified copies of the death certificate.  The cost is $15 for the first certified copy and $6 for each additional certified copy, per order.  Morrison Funeral Homes can arrange the first order, and this fee can be added to the funeral service contract (Statement of Goods and Services).


A family may choose to have a beautician/barber prepare their loved ones hair.  Please have your hairdresser contact the funeral home to schedule an appointment.  If a family’s hairdresser is not available, Morrison Funeral Homes can arrange for this service.  The fee is $35, and we ask for a check to be made out to the arranged beautician.


It is considered customary to kindly acknowledge the services of an officiant through some type of honorarium.  A family may choose to leave an honorarium for the officiating clergy of choice, musician, etc.  Please make the honorarium check out to the specified person to whom you wish to give the honorarium.  Obviously, a family may wish to discreetly manage this in their own time and manner.  If there is no family choice of clergy, Morrison Funeral Homes can assist in procuring the services of a local minister.


The family is responsible for selecting and purchasing any floral arrangements to be displayed on the casket, commonly referred to as a blanket or casket piece.  Typically, a family will schedule a time to attend the florist of choice, and arrange for payment with said florist.  Morrison Funeral Homes can assist with floral service if necessary.  Please make the check out to the florist to be used for the amount desired.


The family is responsible for selecting a permanent monument for their loved one.  Morrison Funeral Homes extends the services of Morrison Granite & Bronze to assist with these matters.  Morrison Granite & Bronze offers many options, from bronze memorials to granite markers.